PCC Boys Soccer News


2019 Round-Robin Champions
Boone Grove with a 5-0 record.

2019  All-Conference Team 

Boys Soccer All Conference 
(When we have a tie the team which has won over the other gets the high placing. If there are multiple ties, the "goal against" method is used to resolve the ties.)

1st Boone (5-0) 
Angel Castellanos
Alec Struble
Quinn Walker
Brandon Root
Owen Struble

2nd Kouts (3-2) 
Kouts 2 vs Washington 0
Kouts 0 vs Morgan 2
Gave up 2 Goals

Cole Spagna
Mark Smolios
Alex Gurekovich
Hunter Kneifel

3rd Washington (3-2) 
Washington 3 vs. Morgan Twp. 1
Washington 0 vs. Kouts 2
Gave up 3 Goals and defeated Morgan

JJ Stewart 
Marek Robinson
Spencer Moore

4th Morgan Twp. (3-2) 
Morgan 1 vs. Washington 3
Morgan 2 vs. Kouts 0
Gave up 3 Goals and lost to Washington

Joshua Kenworthy
Tate Ivayno

5th Westville (1-4) 
Carson Miller

6th Hebron (0-5) 
Luke Torres

2019 Mental Attitude Award Winner

Zach Jeffries

of Boone Grove High School

Porter County Conference

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