PCC Boys Volleyball News

2019  Round Robin Championship

Washington Twp.

2019 Varsity Volleyball Tournament 

Washington Twp.


2019 JV Tournament


 2019 All-Conference Team

1. Austin Darnell Washington Twp.
2. James Kraus Boone Grove
3. Jace Woods Westville 
4. Connor McCormick Kouts
*5. Layne Mason Washington Twp.
*5. Ethan Drook Hebron
7. Kyle Casbon Boone Grove
*8. Ben Fifield Washington Twp.
*8. Cole Deardorff Kouts
*10. Bubba Anderson Morgan Twp.
*10. Jaron Hannon Westville 
12. Devin McCoy LaCrosse

2019 Donald E. Broughton

Mental Attitude Award Winner

James Kraus of Boone Grove 

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