PCC Girls Basketball News

2019 Varsity Tournament Champions

South Central

2019 Round Robin Champions

Morgan Twp.


2019 All Conference Team 

1. Amber Wolf South Central
2. Katlyn Cherry Hebron
3. Sahara Bee Morgan Twp.
4. Allison Hano Hebron
5. Morgan Kobza Kouts
6. Katie Bell LaCrosse
7. Abbie Tomblin South Central
8.Emmy Wells Morgan Twp.
9. Sarah Weston Westville
10. Madie Pfister Boone Grove
11. Kate Pfister Boone Grove
12. Olivia Klinger Washington Twp.


2019 JV Tournament Champions

 South Central


2019 James W. Dold 

Mental Attitude Award Winner

Allison Hano 

of Hebron High School



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