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Traditions & Awards


The Porter County Conference Victory Keg & Kup

Victory Keg History


The victory keg travels

about the Porter County

Conference as boys basketball

games are won and lost. The

trophy idea was presented in 1957 by Morgan Township High School coach Elwyn Studer as a suggestion from the Morgan Township High School Class of 1959. The keg was to be circulated among Porter County's eight smaller schools.

The keg was an old water keg which was donated by Wayne Fry, a custodian at Hebron High School.  He gave the keg to Kenneth Schiek, Hebron High School wood shop teacher at that time.  Kenneth and his shop students sanded and cleaned up the old water keg.

The trophy keg made its first debut on Friday, November 15, 1957, a game between Boone Grove and Wheeler at Wheeler High School. A draw was held earlier with all eight county schools names and Wheeler won the draw.  The keg was painted Wheeler's green and white colors for the game. Boone Grove was the first school to win the keg, beating Wheeler by a score of 52-42.  


Victory Kup History


The PCC Kup was a

suggestion by Wheeler

High School Principal

Charles Kennedy and Wheeler High School 

Athletic Director and Girls Basketball Coach Sue Knoll as a traveling trophy for the Girls PCC Basketball Tournament.  The Kup was made by Wayne Herlitz, Wheeler HIgh School Shop Instructor.  A plaque for the Kup was donated by Hebron High School Coach Paul Schroedor.  The Kup made its first debut at the 1974-75 PCC Girls Basketball tournament in a game between Washington Township and Wheeler with Wheeler holding the Kup for the first game.  The Lady Senators defeated Wheeler 43-25 to win the Kup in its first challenge.  In 1980, the principals and athletic directors decided that the Kup would become a traveling trophy similar to the boys Victory Keg.  Anytime during the girls basketball season the holder of the Kup would meet another PCC school, a challenge for the Kup would take place.  Orginally the Kup was not allowed to be painted, but in 1998 the Morgan Girls Team was allowed to paint it for the very first time.  The following picture is of Wayne Herlitz, the creator of the Kup. 














The Sportsmanship Banquet

In 1966 Russell Franzman, Sr.,

a local printer from Hebron and

John Schnurlein, farmer and

realtor from Kouts, were invited

to attend a Lake County

Sportsmanship Banquet to

honor high school athletes. Both were so impressed by the way teams had this one opportunity to look past being competitors and more towards being fellow athletes, they decided to start one for Porter County's young athletes. Beginning in 1967 the Porter County Sportsmanship Banquet was created through the hard work of Russ & John. The banquet was and has continued to be held the week prior to the tournament and is organized through the efforts of lay representatives of each school and financed by contributions of Corporate Sponsors Patrons and Donors who believe in our young people and athletics. A highlight of the banquet since 1976, in addition to the speaker, is the tournament "draw". 

One Shining Moment Tournament Highlight Video


The Tournament Highlight Video is shown at the Sportsmanship Banquet right before "The Draw" to gear up for the upcoming tournament.  It showcases the pervious year's tournament highlights and winners.










Mental Attitude Award                                                    The recipient of this award is

selected by the PCC coaches and

judged according to the following


1. Sportsmanship                                                                

2. Athletic Ability                                                              

3. Grade Point Average                                                      

4. Attitude throughout high school career toward...

Athletics, Education,Training, Teammmates, Coaching, & Opponents                                                  


A few of our Mental Attitude Awards have been named in honor of individuals that have given back to that particular sport or the PCC in general.  The list of named Mental Attitude Awards are as follows.

Sandra K. Flohr Mental Attitude Award is given in Girl's Volleyball  in honor of Sandy Flohr who served Morgan Township as a teacher and coach for twenty-two years. She also served the Porter County Conference as the first executive secretary from 1978-1981. This award signifies high educational ideals, sportsmanship, and dedication to girls athletics exhibited by Miss Flohr.

Donald E. Broughton Mental Attitude Award is given in Boy’s Volleyball in honor of Don Broughton who served Morgan Township School and Hebron High School as a teacher, coach, or principal for thirty years. It was under his presidency of the conference in 1975-76, that boy’s volleyball was adopted as a conference sport.

James W. Dold Mental Attitude Award is given in Girl's Basketball in honor of the former principal who served Washington Twp. School for thirty years. During those years, he was instrumental in the formation of the Porter County Conference as one of the founding principals. He also served on the I.H.S.A.A. Board of Control and Board of Directors and was a leader in the development of the girls sports programs in the State of Indiana. The award has been presented eachyear since 1979.

M E. Dinsmoore Mental Attitude Award is given in Boy's Basketball in honor of the former superintendent who served the Porter County Schools for 29 years.

Myron Knauff Mental Attitude Award is given in Boy's Track  in honor of Myron Knauff who served Hebron High School as Principal for 14 years and was one of the founding fathers of the Porter County Conference. Mr. Knauff had served as the official starter for the PCC track meet for many years.

Joseph A. Fetty Mental Attitude Award is given in Softball in honor of Joe Fetty who served Hanover Central High School as principal for 31 years and the Porter County Conference as president for 3 terms. This award signifies high educational ideals, sportsmanship, fair play, and dedication encouraged by Mr. Fetty.

Curtis G. Casbon Mental Attitude Award is given in Baseball in honor of Curt Casbon who was involved in the Porter County Conference as an athlete, coach, athletic director and principal for a total of 43 years. During his tenure as an administrator at Boone Grove and Morgan Twp., Mr. Casbon served as the PCC president for 3 years and on the IHSAA Executive Committee for 5 years.


Lonnie Steele Mental Attitude Award is given in Girl's Cross Country in honor of Lonnie Steele for his many years of service to the PCC and the sport of Cross Country.  Lonnie Steele served as the former principal of both Morgan Twp. and Washington Twp.  He was our PCC president for 6 terms. Mr. Steele has been a licensed official in many sports, and would drop what he was doing to come officiate a game or meet if a PCC school needed him.  He was our Cross Country starter for 20 years, and always went above and beyond to help us administer our meets.  We are extremely thankful for his example of giving back to the conference and to the community.





















All-Conference Teams                                                           The recipients of this honor are to represent the best athletes in the PCC of each particular sport.  In the sports of volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball individuals are selected to make the All-Conference team by a colective vote of the PCC coaches.  Stats of only Round Robin games and matches are reviewed to help determine the best athletes.  In cross country, track, and golf All-Conference is decided by the athlete's final placing in the PCC meet or match.  The soccer All-Conference Team is determined by each school's Round Robin record.  The first place team has the most All-Conference Team members. 


Academic All-Conference                                                    Each varsity coach and/or athletic director may nominate any athlete and/or manager/student assistant in grade 11 or 12, who earned a varsity letter in any of the PCC recognized sports, to their principal for recognition as Academic All-Conference.  The starndards for Academic All-Conference are as follows.                                                      

1. Varsity letter awardee in the current school year.               2.  The student-athlete must have attained a GPA of 3.72 or better on a 4.0 index and /or 93% of the school based GPA index.                        

3.  The student-athlete must be in grade 11 or 12.                   4.  The nominations are to be based on the GPA after (5) or (7) semesters of a Traditional Schedule.                                   5.  The nominations are to be based on the GPA after (8) or (11) trimesters of a Trimester Schedule.                                    

Medals will be awarded and certificates will be prepared for each student-athlete who has been selected for the Academic All-Conference Team.




Round Robin Champions                                             

Each team competes againist every PCC team during the season.  The team with the best PCC record wins the Round Robin Championship. 


Tournament Champions                                                      All of our PCC sports, with the exceptionion soccer at this time, has a final tournament, match, or meet.  The winners of this competition recieves a championship plaque


The Times Gold Ball Trophy 

The Gold Ball Trophy is donated to the PCC by The Times.  This is a special award given to the Champions of the Girls and Boys Basketball Tournament. This is a traveling trophy and is only retired when a school wins it 3 times. 


All-Sport Trophy                                                                      The All-Sport Trophy is a coveted award given out at the end of each year to the most athletic girl's and boy's school.  The winner is determined by a point system of ranking each school by their final placing in each PCC sport.  


The Girl's All-Sport Award is named in honor of Paul A. Rommelmann.  Rommelmann was principal at Kouts High School for 34 years, and retired in June 2001. He served as a social studies teacher at Kouts for eight years, and was a 15-year member of the board of the Indiana High School Athletic Association. Through the IHSAA, Rommelmann worked for the development of girls sports at both the local and state levels.





Spirit Award                                                                             A Cheering Award, later known as the Spirit Award, was first presented to the most outstanding combined Pep Block and Cheerleaders in 1933.  Now the Pom Pon Squads compete during the half times of the first round games of the tournament as well.  This award is given out each year at the PCC Basketball Tournament Championship.  Check out more info and past winners on the 





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